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Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS. 


2.  Repeat – Weakest Link shippers, make by somebody’s mother, Mrs. Robinson? O_o and Transformers don’t look sexy in diapers! Wondering how children came into the world. 

3. I JUDGE YOU IF YOU LIKE CARARMEL. Also, Hermione shouldn’t have gone for Ron, and Grell is in this secret somehow, and it involves shipping and pedophilia.  

4.  The canon is so screwed up! Just label your fic AU, and it’ll be okay! Horrible color font. AND THE FLARE BEAM WAS THE BEST SUPER ABILITY EVER. Something something Homestuck something. EWWW Old People!
Cry more anon (that’s not what sheep are for!) 

6.  Rapestastic gangbangs, putting their grandmother’s rape kink into practice. 

7.  Repeat - Glee/Ranma One Half Sue-shipping secret with an Ewok, while Snape did a hypochrondiac goat that wasn’t actually Madame Pomphrey.  

Created by cure_light on livejournal.
(Jareth the Goblin King’s bulge. By the same person as 22. “I would also cover myself with Cheez-whiz and dangle myself in front of a mutated mouse version of Jeff Goldblum if science made it possible as well.” Nemesis/Oblivion shipping)

9.  Hard to read text, but all of Supernatural’s cast is naked, so it’s okay. 

10.  A Mulan secret, with a sing-along attached. Obviously. 

11.  Teletubbies secret with an awesome bg pic! Also, Deadpool

12.  Aimed at the bronies, that’s how I lost my virginity too! 

13.  Repeat, TV show had their PIN number in it, with all their lottery winnings, needs popcorn. 

14.  Something asking for a fic. Shipping maybe? “I just wish someone would write actual fic for it.” 

15.  Hetalia – blackout curtains – don’t take it so seriously!  - Racism

16.  How I Met Your Mother spoilers from two weeks ago, non-con fantasies 

17.  Hard to load – but stop complaining about the new Star Trek movie before it even comes out! It’s also a Hall and Oates song… 

18. Trigger warning for a Grue, talk to someone, get a therapist, there’s no shame! PH chapter 69 is WTF 

19.  Beautiful poetry that touches people, and the OP needs to get in someone’s vagina.  

20.  A character is a Mary Sue (and that’s her name, too!) And they love the Black Album! Troll harder. >> 

21. [Repeat]
(I wish Gordon Brown really had changed the national anthem to "Gold", we'd be so much cooler then!)

Created by cure_light on livejournal. 
Secrets Not Posted: [ 0 - broken links ], [ 0 - not!secrets ], [ 0 - not!fandom ], [ 0 - too big ], [ 1, 2, 3 - repeats ] 

Misc things not attached to a secret (yet)

Lots of Code Geass Secrets, and Nina hate
And Aspergeric Furry secret
A Spinal Tap secret
Justin Biber looks like a fish in girls’ clothing.
Stupid jpeg compression =_=;
Four Spandau Ballet secrets
Two Knight Rider secrets
So many Claudia Black secrets
A secret with Karkat
Cosplay elititsts 
And there's a random Zutara/new series secret. 
21 is a gif 
Third Spandau is actually Duran Duran circa 1979

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This is... brilliant. I even see the Tardis in #22. *dead*

Thank you! They were made by cure_light, not I, but I do plan on making some of the secrets for the other comments. :)

I will SO be checking this post out every now and then to see if there's more! :D This is one of the coolest things in a while ♥

Thank you! When/if it get's done, I'll post a link on the main Fandom Secrets page too. :)

I'm glad you're enjoying it! ♥

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! For some reason I can't get my privacy settings to let me receive/send PM's from LJ, unless I'm friends with that person, and I've been trying for song long to fix it, but it just. never. worked. >I

I'll take a look, thank you! I definitely might need to get an e-reader now~ ♥

This lovely bit of sarcasm is brilliant :D

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