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Cymbeline: Abridged
Cymbeline is a play by Shakespeare, but not many people know about it because it's really... Weird. It's like if Shakespeare wrote a glorious crack-fic, and I love it to pieces.

I also have to read it for finals, and I can't just cold read something to remember it, but when I write about it/take notes/whathaveyou I remember it better.

I don't feel like taking notes right now, so here you go. Cymbeline: Abridged.


  • Cymbeline: The King of Britain. Contrary to everything, the play isn't actually about him. At all. Like, seriously.
  • Imogen: The Princess. She cross-dresses a lot.
  • Guiderius and Arviragus: Supposedly the sons of Captain Morgan, but actually the long-lost prince's Polydore and Cadwal. SPOILER ALERT the prince's were kidnapped as children.
  • The Queen: Wife to Cymbeline, mother to Cloten, step-mother to Imogen. Most definitely not a villain (spoiler, she kind of is).
  • Cloten: The Queen's son, and Imogen's step-brother. He wants in her skirts.
  • Belarius: Captain Morgan, the dude who kidnapped the King's sons.
  • Cornelius: A physician. Remember the friar guy from Romeo and Juliet who gave Juliet roofies? Yeah, he's kind of like that. Sort of.
  • Helen: A Imogen's lady servant person.
  • Those Two Lords: Those two guys, they attend to Cloten.
  • Those Two British Captains: Those two British captains
  • Those Two Jailers: Those two jailers
  • Lords: Attending to Cymbeline
  • Ladies: Attending to the Queen
  • Musicians: Attending to CLoten
  • Messengers, soldiers, attendants, etc.
  • Posthumus Leonatus: Imogen's husband, but he's not actually a prince, so he's fucked, and not in a fun way.
  • Pisanio: Servant to Posthumus. An Italian.
  • Philario: Friend of Posthumus and also an Italian.
  • Iachimo: Friend of Phalirio and also also an Italia. And a bad guy. You know Iago from Othello? Well, this guy's name means "Little Iago", which means he's Iago's penis. Which should give you an idea of what to expect.
  • A Frenchman: A man from France
  • A Dutchman: A man from Holland
  • A Spaniard: A man from Spain
  • Caius Lucius: The general of the Roman forces
  • Those Two Roman Senators: Those two Roman senators
  • Roman Tribunes: IDEK
  • A Roman Captain: A captain. From Rome.
  • Philarmonus: A Sayer of Sooths
  • Ghost of Sicilis Leonatus: Posthumus's father, as a ghost. Gee, I hope Posthumus has more luck than, say, Hamlet.
  • Ghost of Mother of Posthumus: Posthumus's mother, as a ghost. She doesn't even get a name. ;_;
  • Ghost of Brother of Posthumus: Posthumus's brother, as a ghost. He also doesn't have a name. no1curr

Next up, Act 1!

Note: This play has Decapitation, misogynistic language and a guy wanting to rape his step-sister, among other things. The abridged version will have those things as well. Please read at your own discretion.  ♥

Comment wherever you like. :) I'm going to be working mostly from DW, though, but really, whatever is easiest for you you all. <3

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I remember seeing this mentioned on FS, never heard of it before but I have to admit that from what I read there I am interested, so thanks for posting. :D

It's awesome IMO. :D I hope you enjoy it! Though I do have to warn you, the beginning of Act 1 is pretty boring. I'm trying to make it more fun, but there's only so much I can do with infodumps. ^^;

Hehe, I'll be prepared for the info dump then. But the idea sounded great so I'm still looking forward to reading up on it.

Yay. :) I hope you enjoy it!

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