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Two fics based on this F!S thread
Harry Potter and the Story Where He Didn't Appear
Harry Potter x Minesweeper 

They don’ hold memorials for the dead, not anymore.

Especially, now that the chances of there bein’ enough of a body for a proper memorial are slim t’none.

The mines have taken care of all that, see? The mines are the executioner, funeral directer, and undertaker, all in one.

Some people still hope for the day that proper memorials are safe agin’, but I ask you, why bother?

Why even bother.

Hermione Granger and the Book of Common Grammatical Errors
Harry Potter
Slight R/Hr 

“It’s not another S.P.E.W. thing, is it?” Ron asked Hermione, warily holding the button she had given him.

“What was wrong with S.P.E.W.?” she asked, “and anyway, no, it’s not. S.C.U.G. (the Society for the Correct Usage of Grammar), and I think it’s something that you really should be a part of.”


“Ronald. Weasley. I have read your essays. In the past month, your papers have broken 94 of the grammar rules prescribed by Beaumont’s Book of Common Grammatical Errors (the fifth edition). And I’m not always going to be around to look over your papers.”

Ron frowned, then, “and why not?”

Hermione stopped, flushed, glared at Ron, and marched out.

“What did I even say?” Ron asked the empty room, bewildered.


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