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tumblr & caps

So, hello you lovely people! As some of you may know, or not, I have a tumblr~ My personal tumblr is johnmakesfunnyfaces, but that's not why I'm posting this journal. I also have two side-projects that I would like to share with you, textsfromspr, a texts from last night / Ghost Hunt mash-up, and eviloverlordlist, and while I've been doing everything myself, if there's anyone out there who'd like to submit anything, submissions are open, and, in fact, I'd love them~  

So, if you'd like to take a look, I'd appreciate it, but you're under no obligation to actually do anything, you know? I just wanted to throw it out there.

Also, does anyone have any ideas for what I should do with screen caps? I've been capping the Rurouni Kenshin trailer, and while I have a bunch of caps that I'd like to share... I don't know what to do with them. Should I upload them to LJ? To photobucket? Make a zip file, and load that somewhere? Hm.... /strokes fake beard of wisdom...

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Screencaps and icons are often posted in fan communities, but you probably already know so maybe you could upload them on Photobucket or another host and share them. I don't know if you're already a member of rk_community, rk_fans etc - that would be the place :)
Plus, there are free online programs that order your icons/banners in pretty grids to display ;)

Actually, I didn't even think of that! |D To search for communities~

Do you know any names for good online programs? I'm looking, but I'm not really sure what's good or not, you know? /facepalm at self

Ops - sorry for the late reply, the notification got lost in a sea of work mail.

I made only one batch of icons during my stay on lj, a very long time ago, and sadly don't remember what program I used :( Googling icon+display should turn up something interesting, I think. Even better, why don't you browse an icon-making/sharing community here? ;)

It's totally fine. ^_~

I'll do that, thank you! I find a place to post the caps, but googling an icon comm sounds like a really good idea. ^_^

Speaking of tumblr lol... Now I know how to stalk any screencap-ness there -_^

This is true. I'm probably going to post them at the R_K comm first, though. :3

I'll def have to follow up on that then!

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